Monday, 11 March 2013

Two stalwarts of the fest honored

Two men, both in the 90s were decorated on stage this evening. And they really deserved the warm gesture.

V S Ramalingam and K Swaminathan have been the men who with others built the foundation of the Natyanjali in its early years ( this is the 32nd edition of the dance fest). Ramalingam is 92 plus and Swaminathan is 90 but both men slowly made their way to the stage and took their seats for the short felicitation.

Both slogged hard to ensure that the Natyanjali kept going year after year after it was begun here in a small way. Ramalingam's son, R Natarajan also in the Natyanjali Trust has followed in the steps of his father; he is a trained dancer and yoga guru.

The trustees are a close-knit group and despite differences put their heads together to host what is a fairly challenging event year after year.

Ramalingam has also played a role in the pre-Independence days, and is still respected by the elders in this town.

Both men were garlanded and honoured with ponnadais and both made handsome donations to the Trust - donating one lakh rupees each, a gesture which was roundly applauded this evening.

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