Tuesday, 12 March 2013

'Chidambaram Paatu'; handy book for dancers

Scholar B M Sundaram's forehead creases when dancers at the Natyanjali perform to songs that have been belted time and again.
"Why don't they make an effort to work on less known songs for this occasion?," he asks backstage.
Sundaram and the Natyanjali Trust published a book that databases songs, verses and compositions that are based only on Lord Nataraja of Chidambaram.
' Chidambaram Paatu' costs Rs.100.
It has been a labour of commitment, this book. All the items performed at each Natyanjali are filed and though there may not throw up gems they have inspired the making of this book.
Sundaram will be happy if dance schools pick up copies and use the lead material to expand their performance repertoire.
Copies are available at the Trust office at 54, East Car Street, Chidambaram

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