Sunday, 10 March 2013

The road to Chidambaram. This Sunday.

The drive to Chidambaram is so so familiar to us - after all, we at KutcheriBuzz have been covering then Natyanjali dance festivals for a decade now.

There are small pleasures on the way - our driver reccomends a highway-side eatery near Marakkanam for breakfast ( the idlis were really good but I turned down the offer of prawn curry!) and outside Chidambaram we split a juicy water melon.

It was 12.30 when we reached the town so it made sense to head to the community dining hall and Vagesan had 'sapad' ready for us - keerai and vadai - and news that his elder daughter has found a partner!

The Natyanjali grows on you.

Hotel Arudra, just outside the east gopuram of the temple has expanded. More new rooms. Being regulars, a three-bed room has been reserved for us. Good space for cameras, luggage and stuff.

Now for two hours of sleep . .

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