Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Hotels to check out in Thanjavur, Chidambaram

If you plan to be at the Natyanjali fests make sure you book a hotel room now.
Most places are on the pilgrim circuit map and getting a room - especially on weekends and at festival time ) is not all that easy.

Thanjavur has a variety of hotels - Hotel Gnanam near the city bus stad is good but booked most times. Oriental looks tired and dull. A great place in Abi's Inn on the Pudukkottai Road, near the Auxilium School. Built in the apartments style, it has a/c and non a/c rooms starting at Rs.1000/ Rs.1200 for a single person with free breakfast offered.

Chidambaram has limited offers. The Arudra Hotel ( 04144-221930 ) is just outside the eastern gopuram and a quiet, well maintained place which has now been renovated, adding more rooms - we like this place. 

Hotel Akshaya ( 04144-220191) is closeby - 5 minutes from the temple.  Hotel Sharadaram ( 04144 221336 ) is the popular destination and is close to the bus stand and rail station.


  1. When is the Natyanjali festival ? What are the dates?

  2. March 10. Wish you read all the blog posts to get better informed friend

  3. Located in the the southerly state of Tamil Nadu, Thanjavur (Tanjore) is an ancient city rich in cultural and historical heritage. Also, you can book your stay at any of the popular hotels in Thanjavur and enjoy an affordable accommodation.