Saturday, 16 March 2013

Goodbye to Natyanjali 2013

Covering a festival over five days takes a lot out of you. More so when the 3G lines swing crazily and you have to bit your nails and grin and bear the frustration.

On Thursday evening, even as we wound up the last of the dance recitals carried on on stage - Pune's Shasikala Ravi and her dancers.

It has not been the best of festivals as far as attendance went - this is also a time for state and local exams at schools, so families tend to stay put at home. The attendance was not huge even on Sivaratri night.

Delays on four evenings did not do much good for the tightness that a festival must have.

As we left, the Bo Shambo song was ringing into the night.

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  1. Thank you very much for your regular and candid reporting of the events of dance festival at Chidambaram.
    I traveled to see my daughter Mihira perform in NATYANJALI 2013 right in the abode of Cosmic Dancer Lord NATARAJA.
    I was very impressed by your team's blog posts during the festival. They gave me glimpse of whole festival and i could feel as if i was present and could visualize festival on the all the days.
    Your comments on the events were thought provoking and true to their character. Especially the "Dance to recorded music" blog note which is a good commentary on need of live orchestra.
    These notes will help future dancers to perfect their performances.