Monday, 11 March 2013

Late night of Sivaratri

It has been a frustrating challenge for us to keep the posts coming. The 3G line tests our patience. And at some point we give up!

We did so last night and chose to watch a group of senio dancers from Chennai - Revathi Ramachandran, Srelatha Vinod, Sushama Ranganathan and Parvathi Ravi Ghantasala do a solo each and then come together. A presentation by Nandini Ramani.

And then, Delhi based Odissi dancer Ranjana Gauhar. . .

And then, Priya Murle and a bunch of her juniors of Sree Bharatalaya, Chennai present ' Karuthandavar - they had performed this earlier in the evening at the Sri Kumbeswarar Temple in Kumbakonam and zipped down to Chidambaram.

Priya even did the nattuvangam for the Nandini Ramani group here.

Sivaratri promises a packed yard - it was not this Sunday evening. And inside the temple campus, dozens of people fought off arms and legs to grab free picture frames being given free by a bhakta.

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