Monday, 11 March 2013

Huge delay dullens artistes

It is 11.10 p.m. Monday. And the Mohiniattam dancers from Kochi are into their second item on stage. They should have been there at 8.45 p.m.

On person who has been put off by the huge delay is Bharatanatyam guru A. Lakshman who runs his school in Chennai and is here to conduct the recital of his ward, the young and talented Sudharma Vaidhyanathan.

"These delays waste the energies of the dancers and dullen the artistes, " he says backstage.

Lakshman was not in a good mood since he arrived - upset about the condition of the rooms in a local hotel that were allotted to him and his troupe.

"I think the standard of this Natyanjali is going down. I don't feel enthused to be here," he says, very plainly.

Accommodation standards vary, with some artistes making their own arrangements and others dependent on the hosts. These are sensitive issues for a fest where artistes are invited to pay tribute. But people like Lakshman may also be making some points to consider.

1 comment:

  1. "dullen the artistes"????
    Is "dullen" the older sister of "dull"?

    Some affluent artistes and gurus will be hardpressed to live under less than desirable conditions. They have to put up with such circumstances and move on. This is after all a temple festival and not a stage at the Music Academy in Chennai.