Thursday, 7 March 2013

Big names at Kumbakonam fest

Each Natyanjali fest now tries to show off a bit with its line-up of artistes.
Guess this is a small massage for the men and women who manage these festivals.

Off and on, featuring film star - artistes is on top of the minds of some hosts.

This year, the Kumbakonam Natyanjali which has local Congressman G R Moopanar at the helm of the Trust here features Priyadarshini Govind, Shobana, Swarnamalya and others packed into the Sivaratri evening-night recitals on March 10.

One only wishes that this team gave more attention to the aesthetics of the festival environment - a well lit yard of the temple where the dancers perform would create a dramatic effect at the majestic Adi Kumbeshwar Temple.

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  1. Yes, I agree with the comments made above. The temple ambiance has to be projected very well by proper lighting. The background architecture is essential for the dance art to shine.

    As for the movie star in the line-up it is meant to create more publicity for the program. Shobana for that matter is a well-known dancer in her own right. Of late she is branching off into fusion material which turns off traditional dance rasikas.