Thursday, 14 March 2013

Big evening for local dance students

Day 5 and the last evening of the Natyanjali at Chidambaram.
It is also a day out for a few families of this town.

The opening recital of stage is by the students of a local guru. Teeny-weeny dance students on stage.
And families, friends in tow. They pack into the front of the yard, the women in the best Kanjeevarams.

This is a big evening for them. The hosts are always considerate, giving local dance schools the opportunity by turn.

And for the families of these kids, the recital is a big day in their lives. Some even have photographers in tow, to record the event.

One smart photographer grabs a little dancer and leads her to a place where broken images of this temple are kept and asks the girl to pose for him.

Once the recital is over, a big community leaves the venue. And others file in to take their place.

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