Thursday, 14 March 2013

Buzz from Malaysia

Sudha Nair performed last evening. For this Malaysian dancer and dance teacher Chidambaram is familiar territory. 
Her daughter attends a undergrad course in dance at Annamalai University and Sudha flies in to be with her off and on. (Another daughter also learns Bharatanatyam).
And since her guru was an early sishya of the Dhananjayans, Sudha spends time in Chennai to meet friends.
Chennai and Chidambaram has many students who hail from Sudha's world. 
In Malaysia, Sudha says while the performing spaces have increased, one stream sticks to classical dance and performs because of the passion that drives them and the other, performs to entertain people and be invited to pop events.
Malaysia has also seen the sexual transformation of many male dancers. And some of  them are well known there.

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