Thursday, 14 March 2013

A ragamalika that rasikas enjoyed . .

Stories hold an audience.
That is what Bangalore dancer Lakshana Shravan did on Thursday evening.
Her team, led by guru Shubha Dhananjay worked on a concept specially for the Natyanjali.
A ragamalika, a string of parts of songs, all in Tamil related to Lord Shiva and Chidambaram, of different composers.

With the complement of musicians including a rhythm pad musician, Lakshana essayed a story that most people in the audience would have related to.
Lakshana says that they worked on this piece for about six weeks and performed it also at the Big Temple in Thanjavur, two evenings ago.

Guru Shubha has been running a dance school for three decades in Basavarajeswar Nagar and this is the first time that her student has performed for the Natyanjali. "We don't apply for recitals," she said backstage, indicating that she was happy to have her students perform at places where they are invited to.

At Chidambaram she and her team received a very warm applause.

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  1. I do not understand the comment of the guru, "we don't apply for recitals". It is a humble honor to perform in Cidambaran, the abode of all dance. So there is no harm in applying to perform at Cidambaram sending your credentials. They even take novices as part of a group.