Sunday, 10 March 2013

Grey stage on a bright sunny evening. Day One.

Grey greets us on the Natyanjali stage this Sunday evening.
The hosts had moulded a pleasing backdrop in Salem last year, inspired by local temple architecture.
It was a stone red color.

Now, they have turned into grey - guess it is on then advice of the Chennai Doordarshan team in order to get sharper visuals on camera!

Lighting professional Thennarasu, with a fractured leg is at his post - amazing is how these service providers up their facilities. When the lights come on at 6 p.m. now the lighting is soft.

We meet up with another Natyanjali regular - Pondy-based scholar B M Sundaram. He has been the emcee behind the screens for ages.

Chidambaram keeps to time. Mangala isai by a team from the neighbourhood Annamalai University and the first recital - Thaniya Kanika Mahalakshmi of Pondy.

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