Wednesday, 13 March 2013

From Mangalore, it was a long journey for Radhika Shetty

Radhika Shetty made a long journey for this Natyanjali. 
From the west coast to the east coast. From her home town Mangalore to Chidambaram.
Car, bus, train. . . this is her first time at the Natyanjali and with her was guru Sharada Mani Shekar, also from Mangalore.
Radhika came back from the USA some years ago and set up her own school even as she continued learning under dancers like Bragha Bessel.
She says Mangalore now has lots of classical dance schools and there are regular recitals. The local Town Hall is their best venue because the acoustics there are good.
She has made some attempts to get sabhas in Chennai to give her the platform during the December season and lives in hope.
But she was pleasantly surprised with the invitation from Chidambaram.

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