Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Anita Guha travels light!

Anita Guha and her big. big troupe of teen dancers are regulars on the Natyanjali circuit.
Today though her plans are different.
There are the seniors, in their 20s now who prefer to dance solo. Then there is the group which fits best for dance productions. And there are the juniors who are into the basics.
Though the students would love to do be on the road Anitha says she has to be choosy. "I need time for myself and my family too," she says when we meet after lunch today.
This evening, a shade before 9 p.m. Anita's five senior dancers wound up a final item on stage, winding up what was a crisp, smart recital for the Natyanjali.
There were two juniors too, with their own time on stage. Ashana and Jyotsna.
Time to travel light . . 

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  1. In what language ? Did she present he dance drama in Telugu? In Tygaraja festival it was presnetd in Tamil ! Dancers did well.