Sunday, 26 February 2012

Tiny Mrinalini!

This group is all over the place!
Chennai-based Sheela Unnikrishnan has made a big impact with her productions featuring young dancers.
Smart packaging of the recitals also gets the guru corporate fixtures.

On Friday, she and her dancers were at Chidambaram. On Saturday, the team was at the Big Temple. And since Sheela was given 40minutes on stage, she did the smart thing - she got the youngest member of the team, a teeny-weeny Mrinalini Sivakumar to perform before the group got into the act.

Sheela tells me later that they rustled up a dance costume and tailor it for the little girl. "She is going to have her arangetram soon so I thought we could give her a chance here," said Sheela.
The girl enjoyed her time in front of the large audience and she got a big round of applause!

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