Friday, 24 February 2012

This Chidambaram troupe impresses . .

Every evening a large group of people fill up the front section of the yard where the stage is.
These are the families, friends and guests of the local dance group which finds a place every evening here.

The local dancers get a huge round of applause. That is expected.

This evening, the dance recital of the Thanjai Natya Kalalayam deserved that applause. They impressed.

Credit must go to guru K. Krishnaraju who has been running this school for some years now.
He also teaches at the Fine Arts Dept. of Annamalai University. "My students are students from the university as well as from the town,"he says as well wishers stream in backstage to wish him after the recital.

Even R. Natarajan, Jt Secretary of the Natyanjali Trust beams. "He studied at our own school and has come up the hard way."

Well done, Krishnaraju and team. We liked the way the dancers took their place on stage after their recital.

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