Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Prayathnam Spirit

All of them are dance teachers. And they have a cause.

To discourage 'paid dancing' like 'paid news'.

And to encourage some standards in classical dance education.

Prayathnam was created by young dance gurus some years ago.

And it has come some way in its mission.

Recently, it released a form of syllabus for the teaching of dance. The task hasn't been easy what with lots of dance styles.

This Natyanjali season, the Prayathnam group got together, choreographed a production called 'Nadham Thall Vazhga' and did the circuit.

On Monday, they stopped at Kumbakonam for their turn but when it was delayed, rushed to Thanjavur, performed there, rushed back to Kumbakonam and made sure they did the anjali.

On Tuesday, they repeated the show at Chidambaram.

The group had Athena Madhu, Divyasena, Gopinath, Jayanthi Sundar, Lavanya Vikram, Malavika, Prema Lakshmi, Rajeswari, Saikripa Prasanna, Sasirekar Ram Mohan, Sreelatha Vinod and Thangameenakshi.

For these dance teachers. travelling in a tourist van and doing the Natyanjali circuit must be a different experience.

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  1. well done ..Prayathnam group...Congratulation
    Valli Subramanian