Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Kuldeep Pai: Filtering his Work for Dancers

Kuldeep Pai used to be a seeker in Chennai's sabhas over a decade ago.
Seeking opportunities.
His has been a slow climb.
But Pai has carved for himself a unique space in the arts world.
As a Carnatic vocalist as well as a vocalist for classical dance.
Many dancers prefer to have Pai perform for them. They say that he is an involved singer who understands the need of a dancer and also contributes to make a performance that much better.
So Pai is also another regular at the Natyanjali.
At Chidambaram, he sang for Jaikishore and his wife and later, for Kalamandalam Vinodini's troupe from Calicut.
Pai says he has filtered his commitments to dancers and hopes to make best use of a home-based studio.

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