Sunday, 26 February 2012

Pondy-Chidambaram-Karur; quite a connect

When yours is the last recital of the evening, when the audience is reduced to ten and when the time is 10.21 pm, you aren't going to be feeling great as the lights come on for the nth time.

But M. Suganthapriya from Karur did not mind.
She brought up two of her students for the first item and then left her place among the musicians and presented two items, gamely.

Her vocalist Susairaj from Pondicherry told me how young artistes like him and his flutist friend from Annamalai University teamed up with a mridangist and were contracted by Suganthapriya to be here for the Natyanjali.

"Dancers keep looking for musicians who suit their work and network," he said when I wondered how the Karur-Pondy connection came about.

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