Thursday, 23 February 2012

Chat room as Chathram

This is not the festival coffee shop.
It is a chathram hired to feed dancers, artistes and all those who attend the Natyanjali at Chidambaram.

But it doubles up as a chat place where touring artistes and friends snatch time to chat.

This afternoon ( Feb.23) there was a jam at lunch time.
Binesh Madhavan led 30 people in; all teenagers like excited kids on a picnic tour.
Soon, Gayathri Balagurunathan led her team in. "I played Kali yesterday!", she told her friends in the hall.
Then, Adyar Lakshman's daughter and daughter-in-law and team trooped in.

There was time to chat as Vageesan cleared two sets of tables, got the plantain leaves set and lunch was ready - rice, vathal kozhumbu, keerai, bajji, rasam, buttermilk and payasam.

If you want to chat and then eat well, come to Chidambaram!

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