Thursday, 23 February 2012

Another team from Adyar; the Balagurunathans

Another Adyar-based team from Chennai starred at Chidambaram this evening.
The Balagurunathans. Bala and Gayathri.

Bala spent nine years in Singapore at SIFACS and is back to his base in Adyar for good, keen to build on what his wife Gayathri has built of their school.

And this is the first time that he and his wife performed at Natyanjali time, at Thanjavur and at Chidambaram. Performed together.
It was a blessing, he said after the group presented ' Nataraja Vandhanam'.

In the group were the couple's twins who also performed.

They will have to have a quick dinner - am told the chathram is serving chappatis - and zoom back to Chennai in a van. This is the end of academic season and most senior school students who are also in dance teams do not have time to devote elsewhere.

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