Wednesday, 22 February 2012

'Appar Thevaram'

Uma B. Ramesh comes to Chidambaram with a CD.
A CD of music extracted from a full production of Appar, Sundararar and Sambandar.

Its is a production from Thiruvaiyaru-based scholar-teacher Dr. Rama Kausalya.
Uma says she presented this 75-minute dance during the December season but in Chidambaram, due to the short slot she was given, chose to focus on Appar and titled it 'Appar Thevaram'.
Uma says she gave up dance after marriage and took care of the kids but it was Dr. Kausalya, a relative who encouraged her to come back to the stage.
She is known for her footwork and grace and Uma exhibited that at her Natyanjali offering.

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