Friday, 24 February 2012

From Tumkur to Chidambaram . . .

Tumkur to Chidambaram anybody?
Sure. If you have an invitation to the Natyanjali!

Bala Vishwanath Kethar and her mom shepherded their team of little dancers to this place to perform on Friday.
They stopped at Chennai for a performance, will pay their anjali here and get back home.

Bala is signed up as the face of Karnataka Tourism - which means she gets to perform at all promos of the state's tourism body.

But that is just a bit of herself. Bala has studied under various gurus including Karaikudi Mani in Chennai. She runs a successful dance academy - Nilalaya Nritya Kendra. And more challenging for Bala is teaching a group of visually impaired teenagers to dance.

"I have adopted my own methods like feel and touch to teach them," she says as she prepares for her recital.

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