Monday, 20 February 2012

Dr. Nagaswamy does not miss this one!

Dr. Nagaswamy, archaeologist and scholar is another constant at the Natyanjali. (he is seen on the extreme left in the photo here).

The man who was part of the team which launched this dance fest inside the temple makes it a point to be here at the inaugural.
He steered the fest for over 15 years and then let a new team take over.

Today, he sits at his deal at his home in Besant Nagar, south Chennai and churns out books even at this age.

He released a book in connection with the celebration of 1000 years of Sri Brihadeeswarar Temple, Thanjavur.

It is on the best of Chola Art and Nagaswamy says the pictures in it are the best, shot by a collaborator in less than 3 days.
The book is on sale. You can call him at 98141447360.

Nagaswamy is now working on a book on Sanskrit and Thamizh and the connections between the two.

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