Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Covering the Natyanjali: you are also invited

Covering the Natyanjali Dance Fest is special.

We have been doing this for about 6 years now and though the ' Bo shambo! ' anthem keeps ringing disturbingly in our ears year after year, we never get bored when we are there.

Often, you get to meet interesting artistes. You get to listen to interesting stories. And this great temple always has secrets to open to you if only you care to slow down and look deep.

Ever since Prem from ChennaiStream became part of our team, the coverage has been enlarged. We also web streamed recitals despite the fact that 2G / broadband is not good enough to do stream videos.

Prem will not be with us this Fest - he is taking care of his Dad who is recuperating from an illness and we will miss Prem.

But we will have R. Revathi with us. Revathi has pulled in all the tech utilities to provide us the capacity to broadbase the coverage. Via Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Picasa and more.

And, we are inviting all of you - artistes, rasikas and tourists - to join us in this community-driven coverage of the Natyanjali.

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