Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Nandini Ramani and 6 dancers

Nandini Ramani was the 'Natyanjali writer' for The Hindu for a long time. A time when she wrote on dance for this newspaper and was also in The Music Academy team.

The course changed some years ago.

The Hindu's arts page didn't even have a curtain raiser on the Natyanjali.

This evening, Nandini brings a special varnam to the stage with 7 senior dancers.

Sushama Ranganathan, Nandini's daughter and a dancer in this production says that they have been practicing this varnam since January. They presented it at a show in Chennai. Sushama says it was full house.

"All the dancers here are busy with their own work so we have had to find time to practise," says Sushama.

Priyadarshini Govind, Braga Bessel, Srekala Bharat, Sailaja, Manjari and Sushama make the team of dancers.

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