Thursday, 19 February 2015

Time to debate; venues and the festival's future

  • The men who curate and host the Natyanjali fest in Chidambaram the past 33 years are preparing to debate - where should the fest they supported and fostered go from here?
  • Will it work if it continues to be held at a new venue, as they have done now, away from the Chidambaram temple?
  • Many in this core team sound very disappointed. But they know they cannot walk away into the sunset.
  • Mornings here are spent throwing up ideas and engaging in short discussions with well wishers.
  • Many senior dancers skipped then fest, unsure the twists and turns the parallel tests would take.
  • There is also an attempt here to understand the feedback from local people and rasikas.
  • What do you think the team should do? Mail - We will share these thoughts with the Trust.

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