Friday, 20 February 2015

Thanjavur; the best place when the sun sinks

We like to watch the sun go down behind the Big Temple in Thanjavur. You too would have had a great visual experience if you did that on a visit.

It is the setting for the first of the dance recitals of the Brahan Natyanjali here. This scene at dusk and the fantastic natural setting for the dance is unbeatable in the Natyanjali circuit. Thankfully, the Archaeological Survey of India has encouraged this annual fest inside.

And the hosts do not mess around with the space. I always wonder at the giant Nandi sitting up there - enjoying the dances as he looks on at the Lord. The overdose of loud music may not be music to its ears but it looks serene even at 10 pm when the last of the recitals ends.

There is a need to build a bigger audience here - since the space is located away from neighborhoods local people do not stay on or walk in.

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