Saturday, 21 February 2015

How about a Walk in old Thanjavur?

Thanjavur has lots to offer even for the 'repeat' traveller. If only you enable yourself to explore.
And this is something that dancers must do even as they head to perform at the Brihadeswarar Temple.

Having read and heard about the efforts of the state to clear and rebuild the moat around the fort and even introduce boating when there is water in it, I take time off to take a look at the work.

A Tourism Promotion Council backed by the district has been formed. But it needs to do lots as quick as it can - tourism gets low priority really.

There is an informal Walking Trail here. But if the Council can enable a formal one - the route marked in a given color and a brochure that marks notes on the milestones on the trail, any person can do the Walk on his/her own.

Then dancers could be encouraged to do the Walk too. There must be more to merely performing at the Big Temple and rushing home.

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