Sunday, 22 February 2015

Notes after the day's dances . . .

- The dances at the Big Temple do not get a huge audience. The never ending stream of school students out on a hurricane picnic that takes them to four destinations in 12 hours does not stop to look, maybe just stare.
But one evening the hosts brought a big group of junior students from the local state-run school for the hearing impaired and they got to enjoy a few recitals early in the evening.

-  In Thanjavur, a local promoter of herbal products serves guests herbal tea that is made of two dozen native ingredients. Served hot and in small cups it makes a good drink as the dew sets in by 9 pm. This is also one way in which the Natyanjali hosts rope in supporters.

- The Interpretation Centre ( located on the far south end of the campus) is a must check point for visitors, more so for dancers. The booth that plays a good film on the temple has been hibernating, we learn. Natyanjali hosts may want to share with dancers destinations to check out when they are here.

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