Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Media buzz in print and gossip in the air

The local newspapers are having a field day in Chidambaram - reporting on all that is going on on the sidelines of the Natyanjali here. Two parallel dance tests can produce loads of tidbits for the news columns and the newshounds are licking their tongues!

One newspaper had pictures of the stages at the two venues in its inside pages. Another speculated on the plus and minuses of having two of the same. A third told us of the dharna that a few Dikshitars had held in the temple campus protesting their brothers' act.

This evening, gossip mongers said that there was infighting among the Dikshitars on the idea of hosting an event in which they have no experience and what is also not their core responsibility.

A huge group of policemen landed up outside the temple, to strengthen the security - there was a hint that things could get tense.

Local newshouds did complain - they had to hop between venues and their legs were being stretched!

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