Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Green landscape . . .

The landscape changes now. On the road to Chidambaram, in the Porto Novo region. From a dusty, dry one to a deep green, velvety sheet of just paddy fields that seem to roll on and on into the far end that the eye can see.
Water is aplenty - it runs down the canals in the fields here. Obviously, the rainfall earlier in the year has been beneficial - even the small canals have water.

We used to spot the gopurams of the Chidambaram temple just after we left Bhuvanagiri. Now, if you take the bye-pass road you don't get to enjoy that sight.

The sun is up but it is still pleasant at 1 p.m. as we drive into Chidambaram. Only the odd, small flex boards tell you that a great dance festival is on. Or should we say two tests are on.

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