Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Coca-Cola and Chidambaram: docu-film rolls . .

We at KutcheriBuzz are working on a docu film. The parallel dance fests in Chidambaram triggered the idea.
Where is the Natyanjali?
The current dance circuit should provide us thoughts, comments, observations and lots of fresh visuals.
Is this now a grand show? Is it still growing in Tamil Nadu? How are commercial interests playing in? What is the politics of it?
Does the photo featured here, we shot off East Car Street add to the theme we are exploring?

Longtime associate Mohan Das Vadakara is with us, shooting. It should take us six months to complete the film.
Hopefully, this will be a document for the future.
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  1. Being a resident of this town, I can comment with confidence on atleast one question this post poses.

    The possibility of the role of commercial interests in influencing any of the decisions regarding the dance festival is lower when you compare it with what is happening in Chennai and other big cities.

    Here, more or less, the ones that are sponsoring/funding would be the same familial lineage that supported it decades ago.

    So IMO, the answer to the picture of coco-cola posted here and the subsequent question of their role is, negligible, because they know they stand to gain little from this event and also there are non-commercial elements already occupying their space for now.

  2. Continuing the earlier comment I posted,

    Somehow, the Dheekshithars as well as the long-time residents of this town do not like the glaring media or their attention here.

    They do not want the prying eyes of the cameras, they do not want the attention of the world, they want no one, they are calm people whose everyday life is their unrestrained access to Lord Nataraja and the temple. They want nothing more. And more importantly, they do not want any dilution of their freedom and role at the cost of VVIPs, VIPs, media, politicians, rent-seekers, commercial interests.

    You would have understood that, this temple is a lot more different than other temples in TN (in its culture, administration, access etc.)

    I am happy that a group of you pose a lot of useful questions and try to understand more about this temple and the latest conundrum of two Natyanjali festivals.

    I wish, you make it clear to the organisers of both the Natyanjali functions that common people are not at all happy about the split and their wish is that in the future, they unite by respecting the sentiments of the common man.

    My wishes and I sincerely hope the docu-film seves as a real/true voice of people which had been missing here for sometime and brings out the answers to relevant questions.