Monday, 23 February 2015

For rasikas, a variety of dance forms

There are over 1000 people here to watch the recitals this Sunday evening.
And they enjoy a panorama of Indian dances.

The Odissi dancers from Bhubaneswar get a huge round of applause. Their recital is dramatic and tight and the audience loves it. Also, for many it is their first exposure to Odissi.

This team is led by Gayatri Ranbir and with her are Suraj Sahu, Niladri Mohanty, Gokul Sridas, Jyotirmayi Das and Manasi Maithi.

Groups like this one are well-rehearsed to present dance recitals in the 20-30mins package form and this evening, they do a good job and impress the audience.

The Natyanjali circuit provides for rasikas to enjoy a variety of classical dance forms they rarely get to see. A better promotion of the fest can bring in bigger audiences.

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