Saturday, 21 February 2015

From Anantapur, with zeal

There was a telling moment backstage during the recital of guru G Sandhya Murthy's team of Kuchipudi dancers.

Two juniors came to the help of two other juniors whose costumes had slipped badly after the first item was over. There were only a few minutes to break and return for the next.
But the juniors quickly readied themselves, took their place and were off in the spotlights!
This fellowship is a lesson that the artistes learn early on a hurried tour.

The group had driven all the way from Anantapur, with a stop for a show in Kalahasthi in Andhra, then drove to Thiruvannamalai and got to Thanjavur.

Some dancers endure the rough ride to make the anjali.  Sandhya Murthy runs Sree Nrutya Kala Nilayam.

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