Friday, 28 February 2014

Volunteering at 70!

Volunteering is what drives the dance festivals. Be it in Thanjavur, Kumbakonam or Chidambaram.
This afternoon, after a meal at the common dining hall in Chidambaram we got to meet veteran Vivekanandan who made his fortune managing the textiles retail store in this town. It is 70 years old.
In the last 10 years though this senior has let his MBA-educated son run the business and during the Natyanjali mans the hospitality desk.
He manages the stores, keeps an eye on the service and ensures stragglers do not slip in and have a big meal here!
He says he makes his own contribution to the expenses here - feeding over 300 people daily for 5 days.
And he taps his well wishers too. This week, he coaxed a granites dealer to foot the bill of drinking water supplies.

The fest needs people like Viveknanadan to keep the back room well managed.

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