Friday, 28 February 2014

Padma keeps her date and time . . .

Padma Subrahmanyam kept her date at the festival.
And time too.

Save for a few years, Padma has been here all through the 33 years of the Natyanjali. She first performs on stage and then offers a prayer in dance at the sannidhi.

She preferred to perform two short pieces, letting niece Mahathi Kannan precede her. That done, the troupe led by veena artiste Kannan headed to the sannidhi.

Kannan said that while he had to send off the rest to Chennai since the kids have exams starting next week while he would go back to Nagapattinam to oversee the dance fest there.

Padma and her family have been instrumental in nurturing the dance festivals at Nagapattinam and now also co=ordinate the one at Thirunallar.


  1. Its not about keeing Time and date, its about performing the art with dedication and offering to the lord ! Not for Publicity.

    -Rangan. (USA)

  2. Of late Kutcheri buzz blog posts are redundant, uninteresting. It is the same wine in new bottles. Photos are dull, shaky and ALL are taken from the sides. Everything is sideline reporting. For people like us who cannot be there in India during this time, it is really sad that there is no good coverage.

    1. Thanks Jahnavi for your remarks. Since you make some very negative remarks about the posts, it will help if you also shared with us what kind of reportage you wish would make your experience better. We don't understand what you mean by saying photos are dull; we shoot what is on stage and the shake in some cases is meant to grab with our simple cameras the dance movement. And for that remark on 'side' we do not wish to come between dance and the audience in a makeshift space so we are content to shoot from the side.