Saturday, 8 February 2014

Book hotel acco early if you intend to come to Chidambaram

Seeking accommodation in Chidambaram? Book right away for plans are filling up.

Our good friend who runs the cosy and neat Hotel Akshara just called us to make our bookings; so nice of him, and smart too.

This place is just outside the east gopuram of the temple, so hop, step and jump for us who need easy access at work. Prices range from Rs.850 to Rs.1500 for one/two/three bed a/c rooms. Call 04144221333.

Others hotels to check out are Akshaya on the main road and Hotel Sharadaram, near the town bus stand, the old hand in this line which also has restaurants and a bar.

A few new hotels offer decent acco here.

But book early if you intend to travel.

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