Friday, 28 February 2014

Deepa from Brussels/Geneva!

So where is dancer Deepa Rajan from?
The Natyanjali brochure said Chennai.
She traces her roots to Kumbakonam, was in Bangalore and later in the USA and now shuttles between Brussels and Geneva.
She is a world person in that sense.
Deepa performed on Day 2 ( " I dance for the pleasure") with guru Minal Prabhu from Bangalore on the nattuvangam.
Work keeps her busy, says Deepa but when time permits she goes down to her basement to practice.
And in recent years, she has been curating the dance tours of a few Indian dancers.

"This can be a hit and miss affair but I am learning,"she says as we chat backstage after her recital, with her family folks hovering around her.

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