Monday, 24 February 2014

Rains in Chidambaram dampen preparatory work

Surprise rains that lashed the coast late on Sunday night have really dampened the work and the spirits of the Natyanjali team at Chidambaram.
The Weather Dept has just reported that about 2 cms of rain has fallen the last 12 hours and more is expected in the next 12 hours,

This is bad news for Team Natyanjali which spent many hours on the weekend cleaning the sand in the outer prakaram where the dances are held and cropping the vegetation in the north side.

The sheds and core infrastructure has been put in place.

The team here is small but dedicated. And staging the Natyanjali is not easy.  The rains can be a real dampener though this is not the season for rains; the day temperature has been rising

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