Monday, 24 February 2014

Huge demand to perform at Chidambaram

Over 700 artistes will be featured at the Natyanjali in Chidambaram this year. Among the well known dancers who will perform on Day One are Padma Subrahmanyam and Urmila Satyanarayanan.

Day One concerts are held well past midnight and into the wee hours of Day Two, that being the Sivaratri night.

There is a huge demand on the hosts, members of the Natyanjali Trust to accommodate dancers in the 15minutes slots. One trustee said that in Chidambaram the number of dance schools has doubled and each one is keen to get its students on stage here.So the trustees have had to create a plan of rotating the opportunity!

Demand are comes from the side of the Dikshitars, the priests who manage the temple here and who won a long and acrimonious legal battle against the state which had taken over the administration some years ago.

The Dikshitars actually allow the staging of the Natyanjali and their words count. This list has also grown. As is the pressure from VIPs and men at the top elsewhere.

Which leaves little space for the managers of the fest to design a well scheduled festival.

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