Friday, 28 February 2014

New dawn for a marathon series of dance

When the final dance recital of the Natyanjali Festival here on Day One ended the first rays of the sun could be seen in the east.
Only a regular supply of piping hotntea shared backstage kept the organizers and the emcees going till that fag end when many in the audience had curled up to sleep in the open and some nodded to the sound of the dancing feet and the naadha of the percussion.

Had it not been for the huge delay caused by one artiste, the day's schedule might have been over by  4 a.m. Delhi-based Navtej Singh Johar cried off following an illness but the schedule went for a toss.

Subsequently, dancer Nartaki Nataraj found that her vocalist was still far away from Chidambaram while rest of her accompanists were here. It need much persuasion to get these musicians to go on stage and play some fillers.

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