Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Funding and hospitality; making life easy for dancers

The Brahan Natyanjali Foundation which curates and manages the Natyanjali fest seems happy that over the years, funding and support from Thanjavur has grown and takes care of most bills.

It receives substantial support from the South Zone Cultural Centre, Tamil Nadu's Art & Culture as well as Tourism departments and from the Palace Devasthanam.

The Palace Devasthanam based in this town has under it some 90 temples in the Thanjavur zone; though these temples fall under the state's HR & CE department, the Devasthanam also plays a role in the affairs of these temples some of which are very old.

A few local hotels are also active supporters, providing accommodation for visiting artistes. 

Vedha's Stay which is located in South Main Street not only provides rooms to artistes from outside Tamil Nadu but also opens its halls to practice sessions for the dancers who stay here.

It also has a smartly managed dining area - the breakfast is very local and good.

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