Saturday, 25 February 2017

The 'other' Natyanjali in Chidambaram; continues in hope

We moved out and headed to the other venue. This isn't a rival dance fest. It is a firm commitment to the goals of the Natyanjali Trust.
And is continued in a private ground owned by a well known Chettiar family.

We always felt that a better alternate venue would have been the road leading out of the south gopuram of the Chidambaram temple; with the gopuram providing a great, natural backdrop.

But Natyanjali Trust secretary Sambandam  says it will be difficult to get the district administrator's okay for this venue.
"It is too crowded and has many small shops," says Sambandam, who also hopes someday the Dikshitars will welcome them beach to the Great Temple.

At this time of the Sivaratri morning, there are some 100 people curled up in plastic chairs, with shawls clothing them against the 24 degrees chill, with a steady drop of dew.

Chennai-based dancer Srilatha Vinod's sishyas move out after their anjali recital and others walk in.
The hosts have been recycling the large, artificial, nicely-designed stage and all-weather lighting contractor, Thennarasu always has a new set of lights to brighten the stage.

In some ways, this is a cosy, open space to enjoy dances at night. But the audience is thin.

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