Sunday, 26 February 2017

Chidambaram makes for a great Natyanjali-plus destination

We holed up on Sivaratri night at a redeveloped bungalow, owned by the great Chettiars. This community has a strong presence here and its roots go a long way, much to do with the Great Temple.
They are generous too; having served the Natyanjali Trust well giving their spaces to visiting artistes and guests.

A. C. Muthiah is one such gracious host.
He seems to nope want the Trust to continue holding its own Natyanjali dance fest in the present community ground and stop cajoling the Dikshitars who 'took over' the unique event.

Chidambaram makes for a great stopover for local explorations.
I have often suggested to dancers that they must include in their Natyanjali tour plans, trips to other local temples, a drive down to the great Pitchavaram groves and track the spaces once made famous by the dancers of the temples.

I guess the 'exam fever' that grips the student-dancers forced them to drive in-perform-pack-and scoot.

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