Saturday, 25 February 2017

Mada Streets of Chidambaram; fast changes in temple town

It is 20 minutes to midnight when we drive into the temple town of Chidambaram.

The mada streets are in 'change' mode these past years.
We spot two large 'lodges' at the far end of North Car Street.
There is a huge demand for accommodation today; the volumes of religious tourism are growing.
More now as people own cars and SUVs and take a quick call to drive out and get their temple tours done on the weekend.

In Chidambaram, the team of the Natyanjal Trust which launched and nurtured the Sivaratri dance fest over 30 years till recently, is a great host.
The food that artistes and workers are served is simple and good; served in a Chettiar family-owned wedding hall.
As is the hospitality at the dance venue.

But now that this group has been forced out of the temple here and holds its dance fest at a community ground and has had to deal with tight budgets too, the hospitality has had to be toned down.

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