Sunday, 26 February 2017

Now, Thillasthanam also has its dance fest

My Thanjavur atlas nowadays points to Thillasthanam, near Thiruvaiyaru. Professor Kausalya, musicologist recently decorated by The Music Academy at its 'sadas' hosts guests at her Marabu Foundation tiled house in the agraharam here.

Makes for a relaxed nook where you wake up to peacock calls, bright kolams and steaming cup of filter kaapi.

For the past few years, the Natyanjali fever has spread here. So the heritage Neiyadiappar Temple, located on the road to Grand Anaicut and Tiruchi hosted one long evening of dances on Sivaratri night.

Malaysian Mangaleswari Balakrishnan was keen to perform and that got the fest going. Two others came by including a Sri Lankan based in the UK. And then a troupe from Chennai hopped across from Thiruvaiyaru's Sri Airappar Temple.

Now, Prof Kausalya intends to run a 6 pm to 6 am Sivaratri dance fest next year. She doesn't promise much; food and accommodation puffs the budget. But the temple environs and Kausalya's filter kaapi will be great compensation for dancing for the Lord.

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