Saturday, 1 March 2014

The best of hospitality even late at night

Talking of festival management, there are lots of challenges that the hosts here in Chidambaram must brace for.
Last night, as the tables were being wiped clean and the vessels put away in the kitchen Vageesan and his men found a big group of dancers at the door!
Some 20 of them, obviously tired and hungry after their recital!

We guess it must have been either the Bangalore based 9th Count Academy or the Thapasaya School of Rathanamala Saravanan.

The SOS was sounded, batter stored away was pulled out and doses made, served with idli podi and oil and curd idiappam requisitioned from another place, served as well.

Well-fed, the group left hugely happy and grateful to the hosts at the dining hall.

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