Sunday, 2 March 2014

Small notes from our journal . . .

Note 1.
It is the rush-rush season for groups from Chennai who travel with teens. For, exams  are about to begin this week. The State Board exam begins on March 3 and the school level exams days later.
So many groups wanted to finish the circuit on Saturday and get back home.

Note 2.
For artistes, a well guided tour of the Lord Nataraja Temple will be most welcome. Having travelled this far, they should be able to squeeze one, if the gurus plan it in. Most offer their anjali at the sannidhi, perform and depart.

Note 3.
The stage can be a danger zone. Bits of the artificial jewelry that drops off on the makeshift floor has injured many dancers this season. With recitals timed one after the other, there is little time to sweep the floor of jewelry pieces. German dancer Amrit Stein who performed on Saturday suffered a nasty wound and had to self-treat and was seen with a bandaged foot this morning.

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