Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Where temple dancers performed . . .

Sri Aiyarappar Temple in Thiruvaiyaru is a familiar space to us.
The Sacred Music Festival hosted by Prakriti Foundation of Ranvir Shah is held at three great venues in this town every February.
The temple's spaces have always been chosen for a music concert.

I recall Aruna Sairam singing in the midst of hundreds of lamps one year.
The 2017 edition of the Festival just got over; chitravina Ravi Kiran performed one evening.

For some years, Gopalan and his small team have been hosting the Natyanjali here. Gopalan says that the circular space before the sanctum was where temple dancers offered their prayers in the form of dance ages ago.

This is a splendid space; radiating from the centre are amazing carved stone pillars. They dwarf the dancers this evening as the harsh floodlights pale us all.

If Gopalan's team can be inspired by the lighting that designer Victor Paulraj brings to the Sacred Music Fest, the ambience would be stunning here.

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